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CR SCORE gives counselors, schools, and districts the power to engage their students in college readiness wherever they are and whenever they need help.  Our award-winning ecosystem helps to turn counselors into super-counselors while also giving students the tools and basics needed to empower their college journey.

Discover What You Can Do With CR SCORE




Whether your school has a fulltime college counselor, or you are a school looking for extra support, CR SCORE has the solution for you to engage your students and empower them to navigate this process.


Powerful dashboard

CR SCORE provides a seamless platform, that starting in 7th grade, lets counselors, schools, and districts engage their students by following all their progress, ensuring they don’t miss deadlines and provides a tool to understand what colleges they are interested in and are tracking towards.

Student app

Starting as early as 7th grade, the simple and easy to use CR SCORE mobile app takes into account ALL of the factors that colleges consider - clubs, coursework, sports, volunteer experience, test scores, and more to let students know where they stand and how to improve their college readiness.  Students now have an expert college counselor in their pockets.


1 for 1

At CR SCORE we are committed to making access to college counseling expertise available to ALL.  For every school that pays for CR SCORE, we give CR SCORE, for free, to an entire Title 1 school.  Apply today to get CR SCORE for your school!


Marc M, Education Expert

CR SCORE will help not only first-generation students improve their college readiness, but any high school student!

Trisha M, Student

In my opinion CR SCORE is the best thing ever! It really helps a lot and puts off a lot of stress that we have trying to get into college.

Will B, Admissions Counselor

From my experience in college admissions, I’ve never seen a  tool that I thought could be as game-changing as CR SCORE.